School Tour Activities

Teachers on Arrival catch your breath with a nice cup of tea/coffee and scone while we organise the children into groups etc.

We have over 20 years experience of dealing with School Tours at Tullyboy Farm and the  School Tours Programme has proven to be hugely popular with Schools all over the west and midlands.

The Tour is 3 hours long including lunch which we can provide or you can bring along a picnic.  There are 2 teacher’s lunches free per 20 booked.   We also do a great value special package for Parents to include tour and lunch when accompanying their children on tour.  The guides include Matt the farmer and other mature Guides experienced with children and the tour is fun, educational, cultural and both indoor and outdoors.

Clothing Advice:   Avoid wearing white clothes and runners.  Wear appropriate rain wear and wellies,depending on the weather.  There are paths all around the farm but children will always find that puddle!


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Full Guided Tour 3 hours (half day)
by Matt the Farmer and mature Guides experienced with
children’s tours.  See Gallery below for pictorial view of what happens on a School Tour.
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Visit the Main Barn
Bottle feed the baby calves or pet lambs. Hand feed the
donkeys and goats. See Gerty the sow’ guzzle’ a bottle of
milk. Cuddle the puppies and kittens
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Tractor Trailer Ride
The children will be brought on a seated covered trailer called the ‘Tullyboy Express’ for a roller coaster ride down the farm where they will meet and feed the horses and foals and see the Highland Bull and other animals.  Great Fun and a favourite with the children.

Pony Ride
If there is time the children can enjoy a pony ride in our sand
arena by lead rein on the children’s favourite horse “Bob”
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Outside on the Farm
Hand feed the emu, llama, Rhea (like small ostriches),
Alpacas, goats, Connemara horses, rare breeds, ducks and
geese. Visit the Aviary and see the peacocks, turkeys,
pheasants and foul. See the deer. Learn about the Zappers
mark and Stepping Stones. Identify the species of trees on
the farm & visit the Organic tunnel garden
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Tullyboy Farm mementoes//sweets in shop



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Tour of Rural Life Museum
A humorous visit to life in old Ireland.See where the bread
was baked in the old Inglenook Fireplace. Sit into the
settlebed and take a photograph. Guess at the uses of old
kitchen and farm implements. Listen to the old gramophone;
See the 1900’s en-suite!!
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Mini Tractor Barrel Train  
A fun trip where the children sit in seated barrels and are brought on a ride around the farm.  Especially suitable for smaller children.  See photo below.

Pets of the World
See our reptile. Stroke the
rabbits & guinea pigs.Watch the gerbils tunneling

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Let off steam on the swings and slides- fully supervised. Visit the pond

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Jump into the straw and search for hidden goodies.
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Back to our restaurant (seating for 50) for lunch Cocktail Sausages/Chicken Bites chips and drink or bring your own picnic (Teacher’s lunch complimentary, one per 20 children when group food ordered
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Question & Answer Session
Finish up with a mini Q & A  with small prizes to the winners.

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view any of the photos from one of our many tours then come and see us for real!!


View our video below with thanks to The Mercy Primary School in Sligo who visited Tullyboy Farm

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Had a fun time with all the lovely animals my favorite was the little hens but I also liked the ducks, they where funny as they walked around in a big group making quaking noises as they walked
Had a great time, i really loved the little lambs. We went to see the baby cows and they were having there lunch.Farmer Matt let us help feed them there milk and we then helped put clean straw in the barn so they could go to sleep.