Residential Language School for Groups

The Residential Language School specifically caters for overseas groups of school children aged between 7  and 11 years who receive English classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon.  We work with  Language School Tour Operators who organise  Leaders to accompany the children throughout the visit and liaise with us, the children, the parents and the Company.  It is also suitable for school groups from abroad.  The stay is open to groups of 10 to 30 children.   There is one  leader free per 10/12 children.    The minimum group is ten children.

Your Stay:

Tullyboy Farm has over 15 years of experience of teaching English to young children.   It is a family run farm and gives the children a real experience of Irish life on a farm with a homely atmosphere, good food and lots of fun while  learning English in a very safe and spacious environment.   Matt and Eileen, the owners are parents themselves and work with the leaders and the children to look after all their needs to make it a memorable experience.



Learn English – Each stay includes classes in English.  On average, the children have 3 x 45min classes in English each morning by a fully qualified Irish Teacher.  The classes are geared towards children with little or no English.  There are two levels and children are assessed on the first day to see which level they are best suited to.  All teachers are Irish, qualified to degree level with added qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language.    Children receive a Certificate on completion of the course. There are no classes at the weekend (Sat/Sun)  .

Farm Activities/Excursion

There are activities every day, usually in the afternoon, except on  excursion day.  Most of these take place on the farm, see pictures below.     There is an excursion on either Sat or Sun.  The children get farm chores to do each day in groups of 2 or 3, for examle, collect the eggs from the hens, give water to the puppies and mealtime duties.


Accommodation is in dormitory style (boys and girls separate) with a shower for every 6 people. Teachers sleep in their own accommodation in the same building.    There is a large room with games/books/TV for film nights and generally relaxing.   All meals and snacks are catered for in the farm cafe.  The children love the food and will never be hungry.

The children have full access to all the amenities on the farm, playground, animals etc (Suitcases are checked prior to their departure to make sure no puppies or kittens have been smuggled in!!)


We collect your group from the Airport and return you in plenty of time for your flight with packed lunches, if early start/meals missed etc..

Length of Stay:

7 nights, 8 days
10 nights, 11 days
14 nights, 15 days


The cost of the stay depends on the length of the stay and is very reasonable and are booked directly through Tullyboy Farm.  All enquiries can be made by email to


All children are required to have their own medical and personal/accident insurance for the duration of their visit.  This is usually organised by the children’s school before they leave.


Photos of a visit by French children, together with some Irish children
 puppy       7Aaaa Hse from Ave. A Feeding horse and ramsA P1000269  AB P1000275  B bARREL RIDE AVE


Digital StillCamera    C baking 2012    C M P1000488

B Playground   C Picnic time on the farm    C FSCN0234

C Children feeding C    B D P1000328

C P1000254      SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA      CZ Fishing SC

B Riding bob lead rein  B Tboy photo stand CP1000247





Aa courtyard gates   EB IMG_0949  EC P1000260

ED IMG_0948  EGIMG_0950  EFIMG_0951  EHIMG_0952

EI IMG_0953  EJ IMG_0954  EKIMG_0955  EL IMG_0956

The Animals

E IMG_0792 (1)      D   D P1000327   DSC_0288

DSC_0016  D Polly with piglets 2  Q malpaca

DHighland bullTullyboy FArm ExpressDP1000211

DP1000234 DP1000189 D ostrich

DSC_0188   D H  Newborn piglets oct 2012 Tullyboy Farm

D 1107_FARM_057  Dgoat face q horny sheep

H P1000496  red and tan horses Bearded Dragon

eagleOwl cropped  Bambi says hello  puppy in arms 2

Tullyboy Farm School tour VisitP1000316 rsz_1rsz_kitten n girl geese

summer camp  apiary2   Horse ride by lead rein at Tullyboy Farm


B Straw dive



CZB   CZA P1000431 CZP1000192

CZ P1000208  CZFSCN0293  Z P1000198

CZDSCN0110 Z P1000430 CZ P1000200


CZP1000193      CZP1000197     CZDSCN0103

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Had a fun time with all the lovely animals my favorite was the little hens but I also liked the ducks, they where funny as they walked around in a big group making quaking noises as they walked
Had a great time, i really loved the little lambs. We went to see the baby cows and they were having there lunch.Farmer Matt let us help feed them there milk and we then helped put clean straw in the barn so they could go to sleep.