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Tullyboy Farm is Between Boyle and Carrick on Shannon, Co. Roscommon       Beside, Road Networks N4, N5 (N17), and N61



For Overseas visitors –   (Adults)

Live like the Irish and immerse yourself in our culture, learn to make soda bread and scones, and home made butter and enjoy the fruits of your labour.  Weave a

‘sugan’ straw rope, make a St. Brigid’s Cross,  visit the old famine kitchen, sit in the settlebed and taste some Irish whiskey

listen to the gramophone and hear the stories of long ago and have lots of fun on your journey






Below is a synopsis of the type of tours we offer to overseas groups who want to have a cultural  experience on an Irish Farm.   Full details of each tour are listed below the synopsis.

They are merely a sample of what we can offer.   The content can be switched between each tour to suit your Group’s needs and the duration can also be shortened or lengthened,

include snack or lunch to suit your budget and itinerary.   Please contact us by email : for a suggested itinerary and price for your visit.  Minimum numbers apply.

Tour 1Be Irish for a Day AM
  • Famine Kitchen visit with shot of whiskey
  • Bake Brown Soda Bread and keep it
  • 11am tea/scone break optional
  • Learn Ceili dance Siege of Ennis
  • Ride down farm on Tullyboy Express Tractor Trailer Ride (50 Seated ride)
  • Light Lunch (optional)
€With tea/scone


With light lunch


2 – 3 Hours
Tour 2Come Bye  Dog Trialing PM
  • Light Lunch on Arrival
  • Shepherd dog trialing demonstration
  • Optional Tea/coffee break with scone
  • The Big Barn – Bottle feed pet lambs and hand feed all the animals, milk a cow, and see a sheep being sheared, Put a lizard on your head!


€With tea/scone


With light lunch

2 hrs
 Tour 3Traditional Farm Visit
  • Old Famine Kitchen and Wake Scene
  • Small farm tools museum
  • The Big Barn (as above)
  • The Tullyboy Express Tractor Trailer ride


With tea/scone


light lunch


2 – 3 Hours
Tour 4Be a Farmer For a Day 
  • Herd sheep without a dog!
  • Milk a Cow – competitive
  • Make longest Sugan Rope
  • Shear a sheep – accuracy
  • Foot Turf – race
€Incl.light lunch and tea/scone 4 hours
Tour 5 Hotel VisitWe come to your hotel with demos
  • Shear a sheep and keep some wool
  • Learn to foot turf and keep some
  • Bottle Feed lambs
  • Make a sugan rope
  • Butter churning

Lots of options – we are happy to discuss your requirements


Fee To be agreed Time to be agreed





M Baking

BE IRISH FOR A DAY (Photos below)   


This event is aimed at coach tours of  visitors who want to experience a little of Irish culture.  The content and timing can be matched to the age group of the visitors.


A sample itinerary is as follows:-

10.00 am       Famine Kitchen Visit – or Funny Irish Wake Scene This is optional and not suitable for all groups/cultures.

This takes place in the old farmhouse kitchen where Farmer Matt brings the group to assemble plays the gramophone, and gives the group a taste of life in Ireland

150 years ago


10.15              Bake Irish Brown Soda Bread or Scones

The group move into the kitchen where they get their aprons and they form pairs, each pair making the perfect loaf of brown wholemeal bread or scones under the

careful guidance of the farmers wife, Eileen.  They put their name on their bread and it will be baked and ready for them to bring with them  at the end of the trip.


11.00              Optional break for Tea and Large Scone


11.30              Dance the Siege of Ennis

The group proceed  to the dancing room where they learn a bit of Irish dancing to some lively ceili music and great craic is had by all and if there is time learn how

to play a little of an Irish musical instrument

.N Bodhran


12pm              Tullyboy Express Tractor Trailer

Ride down the Farm to feed the Connemara pony herd,  mares and foals that are bred on the farm.  Our Connemara ponies are award winning animals and Farmer

Matt will give a little talk on them on the trailer.  Also see Highland Cattle and other rare breeds and sheep.


12.30pm        Light Lunch  (Optional)

We can provide a quick lunch of say Fish and Chips or Chicken and Chips Or a more substantial Guinness Irish stew for example




Come Bye DOG TRIALING                              

(One Man and his Dog)


This is aimed at coach tours of all ages, possibly animal lovers and perhaps older Clientele as it does not require any great exertion

A sample itinerary is as follows:-

1.30pm          Light Lunch on Arrival  (Optional)


2.30pm          Dog Trialing

Watch the shepherds at work and observe the skills of a professional sheep dog handler giving the dogs commands and getting them to herd the sheep through the

gates to the designated area.  Spectators will observe all from the shelter of a seated area under the big tree with a clear view of all the work going on in the long field

in front of them, hearing the various dog whistles and seeing the intelligence of the dogs at work and the commands being followed.   Followed by a question and

answer session with the farmer.


3.00pm           Break for Tea/Coffee and Large Scone


3.45pm          The Big Barn

Inside to the big barn where everyone gets hands on with the animals from hand feeding the Deer, owls, pigs, goats, Alpacas, cuddling the smaller animals and maybe

putting a hen or a lizard on your head. There is a chance to milk a real cow or a pretend one if you prefer.  Also depending on the season, you can bottle feed baby pet lambs

and be shown how a sheep is sheared.


4.30pm                       Finish



 D Pigs in Coffee Shop 2






Newborn piglets oct 2012 Tullyboy Farm

Suitable for young and old, enjoy a lively tour with Farmer Matt and a good laugh along the way.

NOTE The itineraries of each tour can be switched around and adapted to your time constraints and needs.   It can also be with or without lunch or a snack



A sample tour is as follows:-


2.45pm          Old Famine Kitchen and Small Farm Tools Museum


The story of the inglenook fireplace and the settlebed where a stranger  lay is head for the night and the good dresser to display the best china, not to mention the ‘ensuite’ commode!

Life was very different and this serves to remind us of an Ireland that is no more.  Then we go into the little museum and see the famine pot that was used in our local village, together

with the coopers tools used to make the oak Guinness barrels  and all the turf cutting implements, butter churns etc.


3.15pm          The Big Barn


Inside to the big barn where everyone gets hands on with the animals from, Deer, owls, pigs, goats, put a chicken or even a Lizard on your head, hand feed the Alpacas  etc. There is a

chance to milk a real cow or a pretend one if you prefer.  Also depending on the season, you can bottle feed baby lambs and be shown how to shear a sheep.



4.00pm          Tullyboy Express Safari Trailer


Take a trip down the Farm on the tractor trailer ride to feed the Connemara pony herd and watch Farmer Matt with the Highland Cattle and see the sheep flock.   Take in the Arigna

Mountains, Sliabh on Iarainn mountains and the Curlieu mountains all within clear view on a good day.





Be a Farmer for a Day


This is aimed at young energetic groups, such as teenager groups looking for an active fun visit to the farm.     It is also very suited to the Corporate market.  Events take place over a

half day 10am – 2pm or 1pm to 5pm (4 hours) filled with challenges and team building exercises.  Again times and duration of the visit can be changed to suit your itinerary

A sample of activitiese is as follows:


  • Each team has to organise and coordinate in order to Herd the sheep into the gated pen – timed – without a dog!


  • Milk a cow, which team is the fastest and most productive


  • Make the longest sugan rope


  • Catch a Hen


  • Shear a sheep – accuracy wins  (in season)


  • Foot turf race


  • Safari Farm Ride


 Tea break and lunch can be  included and

Option to purchase colour coded team tee shirts at extra cost.





Sheep Shearing Demonstration at Guest’s Hotel


This is suitable for those groups who do not have much time or are just having a fleeting visit to the area.  We will come to you and give a demonstration of Sheep Shearing

(in season).  It should also be possible to bring some small animals, perhaps some pet lambs for your guests to bottle feed in the grounds of the hotel and maybe a butter

churn to show the old tradition of butter making.


We can also give a talk to the group about everything that is involved in sheep rearing or on any aspect of farming in Ireland or any relevant topic you might require.


For an Irish bog experience we can bring some turf and you can try your hand at the Irish tradition of footing turf


We can discuss a fee depending on your requirements.



A Tullyboy Farmaa P1000432B car park P1000272

c P1000327              D IMG_0397             D P1000328

D courtyard gatesDdRTE Filming Feb 2016d Tboy photo stand

G carpark     E IMG_0792 (1)N Set dancing

l Whiskey at the wakeM BakingM P1000482

MZ Brown BreadReturning from Tractor Trailer RideO DSC_0201


O IMG_1582  Q DSC_0147   O brown horse n foal

O DSC_0201O red and tan horsesO white connemaras

J Coopers toolsJ small thresherSANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI DSC_0022

k horses in the stablesH P1000496K1107_FARM_040H

Q Alpacasg PICNICHen party march 2015


DdRTE Filming Feb 2016na Tea and sconeP Chicken gousons and chips salad


P Fish and Chips             Guinness Irish Stew

k IMG_0401 (1)h IMG_0371h IMG_0635

O Trailer down farmO(Tullyboy Farm - Feeding from trailer 7Q DSC_0014



QIMG_1316qA  QASheepdog-Trials    Q DSCN0092

q horny sheep       Q cat        Q1107_FARM_009


S DSCN0145  T DSCN0091  Q malpaca


T IMG_1245        t       T IMG_1254

T Dove  t IMG_0318  Q b&w duck   T IMG_1478

S pigs on wallReturning from Tractor Trailer Rideu FSCN0179

U feeding horses  U P1000237U IMG_0845 (1)

u on trailer U P1000188 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA



v tug-o-war v Hen party march 2015 cropped  v

V Stags    U IMG_0816v Tractor drivin











































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Had a fun time with all the lovely animals my favorite was the little hens but I also liked the ducks, they where funny as they walked around in a big group making quaking noises as they walked
Had a great time, i really loved the little lambs. We went to see the baby cows and they were having there lunch.Farmer Matt let us help feed them there milk and we then helped put clean straw in the barn so they could go to sleep.